motif table surf bolge
motif burlington bolge

#All White: A translucent finish that reveals the wooden stringer and the white color of the foam block. The shape of the rails is accentuated by a sand-gray tinted resin applied on the edge of the tray.

#Black Edition: A matte black with an accentuated depth under the layers of resin stratification.

#Cork Tie & DyeThe board is covered with a thin layer of cork then laminated and decorated with a black gradient Tie & Dye that gives it a unique look.

#Burlington Grey & Grey: A very modern graphic that incorporates the codes of surfboards with a palette in grey variations.

#Burlington Orange & Turquoise: Another declension of the geometrical pattern anchored with very avant-garde Colors as we like them at SALTY !

#Burlington SquareWith its three interlocking square patterns, Burlington Square amplifies the graphic design of the boards by giving them extra tension.

#Burlington Grid1: A variation with three color rectangles superimposed.

#Burlington Grid2: Another color declension for the Burlington Grid pattern.

Your tray is made like a real surfboard, water is its natural element !

Our creations receive a special treatment that makes them resistant to bad weather and UV rays, however, it is best not to leave them directly exposed to sun during the summer.

Surf fears frost, do not forget to store your furniture before winter !

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